5 Ways to Shake Up Your Submission Season!


As the trees don their green garb and the birds grace our skies once more, it’s that time again – submission season! For many marketing teams or lawyers, it’s like clockwork – dust off the submission process, collect credentials, agree on the order, and hunt down the right referees. But hey, who said it has to be the same dance every year? After all, the Chambers submissions have been around for 24 years – why not see if we can give it a boost? Below are four playful yet practical tips to consider shaking up your submission season this year.

1. Aim High, but Not Too High ⛰️

Sure, aiming high sounds good in theory, but let’s not shoot for the stars if we’re barely acquainted with the CEO of our client company. Instead of chasing lofty titles, focus on securing referees who actually know your work inside out. Your friendly legal counsel might just provide the glowing feedback you need. Remember, it’s not about reaching for the top; it’s about getting feedback that truly sings your praises.

2. Funnel Your Focus 🔬

Managing multiple submission deadlines can feel overwhelming. But fear not! With a little strategic planning, you can turn chaos into a well-oiled machine. Whether you enlist the help of an external consultancy or rally your in-house dream team, crafting a solid submission strategy is key. From juggling different directory deadlines to setting reminders for your referees, a little organization goes a long way. So, why not kick things off with a plan and perhaps a simple funnel showing your progress.

3. “I didn’t have time to write a short letter” 💌

In the rush to impress, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘legalese’ and technical jargon. But researchers aren’t necessarily legal eagles. So, instead of drowning them in convoluted language, why not keep it simple, clear? Perhaps consider starting with a bolt sentence or two who really catch the essence of your matter. Your submission will shine brighter when it’s easy for everyone to understand.

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4. Secure Your Summer Break 🏖️

Ever dreamt of basking under the summer sun in August without a worry in the world about your Legal500 submission? Well, reality hits hard when the submission process rolls around again. But why does it feel like déjà vu? Picture this: 80% of your content remains the same, with just some new work highlights for June and July. Sounds like a solid foundation, right? You’d think it’d be as easy as a few clicks on a magic machine to transform your Chambers info into a Legal500 template. But the magic machine isn’t all that magical… until now. Enter KLERQ! We take the hassle out of the equation by structuring your information, making it effortlessly transferable to any legal directory. Plus, you can repurpose it for pitches and more (keep reading for details).

5. Don’t Let Your Hard Work Gather Dust! 💨

You did it! Your submission is polished to perfection, and you’re ready to hit that ‘submit’ button. Now that the hard work is done, it’s crucial to leverage this information to its fullest potential to promote your firm and lawyers. So why not repurpose it for social media snippets and website posts to showcase these great work highlights? It would be perfect to store this information in a central credential database for easy access and future reference. Moreover, you can use it perfectly for your pitches when answering questions like “What more did we do in the energy industry?” After all, why let all that brilliance go to waste?