Version: 1.2 Last change: March 11, 2024

KLERQ – List of Third-Party Contractors


This document provides an overview of sub-processors involved in data processing activities on behalf of KLERQ. We prioritize the security and privacy of your data and maintain a transparent approach to our data processing relationships.

How We Maintain This Document:
• We regularly review and update the list of sub-processors to ensure compliance with data protection regulations.
• We conducts assessments of the sub-processor’s security measures and practices.

Contact Details:
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our sub-processors or data processing practices, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
• KLERQ Support:
• Data Protection Officer:

Third-Paty Contractors Details

Name Service Provided Data Processed Contact information Access Levels
Microsoft Azure Data Hosting For physical server hosting of the application.  Evert van de Beekstraat 354 Limited access only for essential maintenance only
1118CZ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Intercom Customer Support Communication Although Intercom isn’t used to deliver our services, sometimes these communications includes the personal data of your customers’ information. 3rd Floor, Stephens Ct., 18-21 St. Stephen’s Green, Limited access for customer support purposes only
Postmark Email Services We use Postmark to send Retain emails. They do not do any processing logic, and do not have access to the raw customer data, but they would be able to see all of our outgoing email content. 1 North Dearborn St, 5th Floor Limited access for email sending purposes only
Chicago, IL 60602
United States
Hunt & Hackket Cybersecurity Checks Hunt & Hackket is occasionally engaged for security testing. Anna van Buerenplein 46, 2595 DA The Hague Limited access for security checks governed by NDA.
The Netherlands
Stijlbreuk Software Development and Maintenance Stijlbreuk develops in an acceptance environment without client data. However, their occasional involvement is for issue resolution in client environments. Veemarktstraat 34 – 36, 5038 CV Tilburg Limited access for development and maintenance purposes governed by NDA.
The Netherlands