KLERQ: Law Firm Marketing Software

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KLERQ’s law firm marketing software serves as your marketing and business development platform, allowing you to expand your business and accelerate commercial results. The platform securely stores and arranges your company’s achievements while providing complete control. It is easily accessible to everyone in your firm, enabling them to share commercial content. With a simple click, KLERQ generates successful marketing and business development results.

Submission Creator

Optimise your legal submissions with KLERQ’s optimised automation hub

Streamline and strengthen your legal submissions with KLERQ. Easily automate document submission, save valuable time, and put an end to copying and pasting. Centralise your business information in a structured database and manage all your submissions effortlessly. With intuitive features and an efficient workflow, KLERQ Submission Creator sets new standards for simplicity and effectiveness in your legal processes.

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Pitch Processes

Streamline your commercial projects with ease.

An intelligent process designed for the legal industry to collaborate on and improve commercial content. With a streamlined workflow, you can manage commercial projects such as pitches and submissions more effectively. Share content online and approve directly from your mailbox.y.

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Platform Features

Project Management

Easy movement of projects through a drag-and-drop interface while keeping all information visible.

RFP & Pitch Response

Respond to RFP & pitch processes and share with your contacts using an online interface.

Submission Creator

Create submissions effectively, follow easy-to-follow steps, and save time for other tasks.

Organization Overview

The latest version of all organization text is stored for specialists, industries, practices, and the firm. 

Collaboration & Synergy

No more playing document tennis. Tailor-made for partners to work directly out of their mailbox.

Global Insights

Retrieve all relevant commercial information, such as organization and docs, through a single search.

Advanced Security

Single Sign On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and customizable permissions.

AI assistant (Beta)

AI-assisted translations for text, anonymize content, and create text to save time.

Referral Management (Beta)

Share up-to-date information with international colleagues and have an overview of workflows.

Release Notes

Discover the latest updates and improvements in the release notes of the KLERQ platform! Our release notes keep you up to date with all the latest developments, from bug fixes to new features and improved performance. 


Security at our Core

Security is essential to us at KLERQ. Below you will find our key security measures. Our Security page further details all our steps to protect your data and ensure a safe and secure user experience. So, click on our Security page to learn more about our security practices and how we keep your information safe.

Data Hosting and Storage
KLERQ’s services and data are hosted in Microsoft Azure facilities. By default, hosting and storage are in Europe and 100% aligned with the restrictive EU data protection laws. However, we can also change the location of your data based on your demand.

User Permissions
KLERQ is a SaaS subscription accessible globally via any web browser. Our solution is secured through a strict permission system that assigns user rights. In addition, we allow permission levels within the tool to be set for users and groups. 

Multi-Factor Authentication
With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), our application requires a person to use more than one verification form to access an account. MFA can significantly reduce unauthorized access by identifying new or unknown computers or devices and is available upon request for all firm users.