Law Firm Pitch Creation

Combined Shape

Enhance and streamline your pitch creation process with KLERQ. We simplify the process, enabling you to create compelling pitches for law firms with ease and confidence.

Automated Efficiency


Save time with a single click: Automate pitch creation effortlessly and eliminate tedious manual work. The KLERQ Pitch Generator ensures swift and efficient pitch creation with minimal effort.

Centralised Content Access


Access all your commercial information in one place: Consolidate your data into KLERQ’s centralized database for easy access and organization.

Streamlined Pitch Management


Effortlessly track and manage pitches: KLERQ’s Pitch Generator simplifies pitch tracking and document management. Follow a step-by-step process to optimize your workflow and ensure smooth pitch submissions. The intuitive board view enhances project management for seamless operations.

Step-by-Step Process for Creating a Pitch

1. General Info

Enter client details, industry, practice area, and preferred language.

2. Preface

Provide a brief introduction outlining the purpose and context of the pitch.

3. Scope of Work

Describe the scope of the project or services being offered.

4. Specialists

Identify the leading specialist and supporting specialists involved in the project.

5. Firm

Introduce the firm to the client, highlight key attributes and strengths of your firm.

6. Practice 

Provide an overview of the relevant practice area and expertise.

7. Team

Write a short introduction about the team selection.

8. Pricing

Select the pricing details and any relevant terms or conditions you want to include in the pitch. 

9. Content

Select relevant content you want to include in the pitch in order to convince the client.

Effortlessly Export Pitches into Your Preferred Format


1: Online page: Customize the pitch into a webpage, fully in line with your law firm’s style.

2: PDF file
: Convert the pitch into a PDF document for easy sharing and printing.

3: PowerPoint presentation
: Transform the pitch content into a dynamic PowerPoint presentation for impactful delivery.

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