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Our promise

Welcome to our BD & Marketing platform designed for law firms, offering cutting-edge legal tech, automation, and cost efficiency solutions. We promise to make your submissions stress-free. We’ll help you structure your content, provide training, and guarantee a smooth Chambers or IFLR submission process…. And we like to do it a little different:

We provide a powerful platform that seamlessly streamlines the legal directory submission process. Our expertise complements this platform, ensuring efficient input, review, and document creation, resulting in a smooth and successful submission experience.


We prioritize transparency and simplicity in our approach. Unlike many consultancy services, we offer a clear and straightforward pricing structure. For a one-time cost of €1250, our platform streamlines your legal directory submission, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective experience.


After the initial one-time cost of €1250 for our expert assistance and platform setup, you’ll have the power to take control of your submissions. With the streamlined process in place and our smart platform at your disposal, future submissions become a simple and cost-efficient DIY task. We empower you to manage your legal directory submissions with ease and confidence.

From now
3 months full access to the digital credential database
Transfer of your previous submission data into KLERQ
4 hours of consultancy on additional work highlights, referees and descriptions
Work directly in KLERQ to fill missing info
Stress-free submission for Chambers and/or IFLR1000 🎉
Easy process and tool to re-use content and create submissions and pitches yourself

On average practices spends 25 hours per submission document

An exclusive digital solution that enhances your firm’s marketing and business development activities.


KLERQ serves as your law firm’s marketing and business development platform, allowing you to expand your business and accelerate commercial results. The platform securely stores and arranges your company’s achievements while providing complete control. It is easily accessible to everyone in your firm, enabling them to share commercial content. With a simple click, KLERQ generates successful marketing and business development results.