KLERQ: Streamline Commercial Processes

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Knowledge is the primary asset law firms use in marketing, often measured by experience. As a result, there is a growing trend amongst potential clients searching for industry-specific specialists possessing extensive knowledge.

Document ping pong – legal specialist give their input online and from their mailbox

KLERQ’s digital solution aims to enhance the commercial activities of partners, lawyers, assistants, marketers, and business developers.

KLERQ allows for the convenient gathering and retrieval of commercial data through a centralized database, as well as generating:

> Submission documentation
> Pitches and presentations
CVs and attorney profiles

> Key work highlights
> Company/firm overviews
> Ranking testimonials and awards

KLERQ for Lawyers

Directly Create Pitches

Create the perfect pitch with just a few clicks and grow your client base efficiently and effectively. Use a 24/7 accessible central database full of relevant and up-to-date commercial content.

Validated Content

Validated content is highly credible, and specialists can ensure they approve all commercial content using KLERQ. Specialists can rely on this validated content to make better-informed decisions, freeing time for their core activities while benefiting from consistent and trustworthy marketing and BD projects.


Centralized Hub Spot

On your way to a prospect and in need of last-minute relevant credentials? Need to create an overview of expertise within the firm? A central database that stores all relevant data can facilitate easy and efficient access to commercial information, ultimately leading to increased productivity and improved workflow.

Cost Reduction

Optimizing workflows reduces costs by eliminating steps, reducing errors, and increasing efficiency, benefiting law firms and their clients. A centralized database reduces expenses from unnecessary revisions and saves lawyers time and money by eliminating searches across multiple systems.


Efficient Processes

Legal commercial teams can improve efficiency by optimizing workflows, simplifying processes, eliminating redundancies, and identifying bottlenecks. This can save time, increase productivity, and allow more client and project acquisition. Workflow optimization can also maximize time usage by allocating time effectively and reducing waste.

Improved Communication

KLERQ enhances communication and collaboration between legal and commercial teams, clients, and external stakeholders. By sharing valuable information efficiently, all parties can stay informed about project status, timelines, and deliverables, leading to timely and budget-friendly project completion.


KLERQ for Commercial Professionals

Up to Date Content

A centralized and searchable database simplifies commercial legal processes by providing a sole source of truth for data, reducing manual data entry, and eliminating errors. In addition, automated output improves data management and promotes accuracy and consistency across documents and systems, enhancing decision-making.

Proactively Advise

A central database can help legal and commercial teams make better decisions by providing access to all relevant information in one place. It enhances your firm’s marketing activities and provides greater insight into business development.


Get Started with KLERQ

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Advantages of Working with KLERQ

Centralized and Structured Data

Successful collaboration and productivity depend on easy access and sharing of information facilitated by centralized and searchable approved content. This promotes seamless teamwork and quick information retrieval for informed decision-making, leading to accurate data and strategic decisions. Streamlining workflow and maximizing efficiency require easy-to-access and collaborative approved content.

Operational Efficiency

Time is critical in the legal industry, and a customized system is essential for easy access to approved content. The user-friendly system facilitates quick navigation to find the necessary information and keeps users updated with the latest industry developments. Furthermore, a customized system enables collaboration with the team, allowing everyone to stay on the same page. The best part is that users can access everything they need from their mailbox, saving time and effort. Therefore, a customized platform is recommended for streamlined and efficient legal content management.

Instantaneous Results

In today’s highly competitive world, innovation is vital, and that’s where innovative online pitches come in. Create winning content that sets you apart from the competition in just a few clicks. This revolutionary approach automatically delivers the correct information based on your deliverable, saving you valuable time and effort that would otherwise be spent chasing information. So, with this innovative system, you can create the winning pitches you need to succeed.