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KLERQ – Legal Documents

Last Update: April 23, 2024


Cyber Security Policy

The KLERQ Cyber Security Policy,  establishes robust measures and responsibilities to protect information assets and client data, ensuring compliance with GDPR and mitigating cybersecurity risks across all departments and services. Managed by our technology department.


Data Processing

The KLERQ Data Processing Agreement, outlines how we process personal data in compliance with the GDPR, ensuring robust protection and control for our users. This agreement, integral to our services, governs data interactions between KLERQ, and our clients as Data Controllers.


Third-Party Contractors

The KLERQ List of Third-Party Contractors,  provides a detailed overview of our sub-processors who handle data on our behalf. We ensure that each sub-processor adheres to strict data protection standards through continuous reviews and security assessments.


Data Transfer Impact

At KLERQ, we’ve developed a document to assess the impact of data transfers to U.S. providers like PostMark and Intercom following the “Schrems II” ruling, detailing our thorough approach to upholding EU data protection standards.

Privacy Policy

This privacy statement informs you of the processing of your data by KLERQ via this website. We will solely process your data by the applicable regulations on data processing, such as the General Data Protection Regulation and the Dutch Telecommunications Act.


Terms of Use

The KLERQ SaaS Terms of Use, establish the conditions under which users can access and utilize KLERQ’s software services. This comprehensive agreement covers licensing, user responsibilities, and service provisions.