Sounds great – but what is KLERQ?

Lacking a centralized and up-to-date hub spot restricts collaboration and firm growth. KLERQ is a unique digital tool to improve your firm’s marketing and business development activities. The platform securely stores and organizes your company’s accomplishments while enabling you to maintain complete control. Anyone in your firm can easily access the platform and share commercial content. And then, with just one click, winning marketing and business development results are created.


Less time spent on Legal500 submissions
Work highlights entered in KLERQ
Needed to create a winning pitch

How does KLERQ work?

Key Features


Workflow Optimization

An intelligent process designed for the legal industry to collaborate on and improve commercial content. Ensures that all data is up to date and ready to use. Specific user rights can be allocated within your firm, and content can be approved simply from your mailbox.

Central Database

A centralized, secure, and easily accessible database for all your commercial content needs, including pitches and submission documentation. With a structured and searchable interface, retrieving approved content is fast and efficient.

Automated Output

Automatically generate pitch and submission documentation from your centralized and approved content. Swiftly produce commercial documents following simple guided steps and easily share online via a magic link.

How do I get started with KLERQ?

In 3 simple steps, and no time at all, get started with KLERQ and watch your firm’s marketing and business development results soar!

  1. Get in touch
    Schedule your free demo today and let us show you how KLERQ works in your firm
  2. Swift implementation
    Quick implementation, ensuring that all your achievements are uploaded into KLERQ.
  3. Start marketing your firm!
    Grow your firm’s business with up-to-date commercial content.
  1. Get in touch!
    We explain how KLERQ works in your firm.
  2. Create a quick win
    Together we make sure all your data is stored.
  3. Click for a draft
    In the correct format. Ready to start winning matters! 

How does this benefit me?

Advantages of the KLERQ Platform

One Truth

Never doubt the quality of content, as all information is approved and up to date.


Save Time

A time-saving process to increase productivity and improve efficiency.

Pitches in Minutes

Effortlessly create and publish pitches within minutes to produce quick wins.


Seamless collaboration and understanding of firm-wide activities to accelerate profits.


Met de voeten in de klei

This is Dutch for “with our feet in the mud.” Meaning – we know what we’re doing because we’ve been there.

We are about finding simpler, better, faster ways to market your firm.

For over 20 years, we have had our “feet in the mud” working alongside the world’s leading legal firms. Through this experience, we saw a pressing need to bring a disciplined process to capturing, holding, and assembling individual and firm achievements.

KLERQ brings together far-reaching industry experience and cutting-edge IT millennial solutions.