Stress-Free Submissions with KLERQ by Your Side

By Nicci Scott

Every year, as summer approaches, law firms face a familiar challenge – submission deadlines loom large, and the commercial department is left scrambling to gather compelling cases for each section. It’s a race against time, with barely any room for proactive advice. The pressure mounts and stress becomes an unwelcome companion. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We believe there’s a simpler, better solution that saves time and eliminates the hassle.

The Struggle is Real

Even the largest law firms struggle with the submission process. Partners are expected to deliver a lot of content in a difficult period right before summer, with many cases closing and everyone going on holiday. The time crunch often leads to difficulties crafting comprehensive and captivating work highlights, which are crucial representations of your expertise and achievements.

Enter KLERQ: Your Stress-Busting Ally

Introducing KLERQ – the platform that is using its processes to change the legal market, using your help to reduce stress and achieve results

  • Powerful Project Management
    KLERQ offers streamlined project management through a user-friendly interface, project overviews, and status updates.
  • Data collection throughout the year
    A key aspect of KLERQ is the ability to store, access and analyze data. Information on past and present projects is easily gathered throughout the year and organized in KLERQ, allowing for better future project management.
  • Export directly to submission templates
    Stop copy-pasting text, and quickly export submissions directly into all major legal directories with the click of a single button.
Unlocking your submission success with KLERQ

Submitting materials for law firms doesn’t have to be a constant struggle anymore. With KLERQ, the chaos of submissions can be transformed into a well-organized, stress-free process that drives success. No more last-minute panics or frantic searches for information during summer vacations. KLERQ empowers your marketing department to be proactive, organized, and well-prepared for every deadline.

By storing firm information in a central database, KLERQ ensures that strong submissions can be produced at a moment’s notice. The year-round collection of essential data keeps your team prepared to showcase your firm’s expertise and achievements without scrambling for outdated materials. With KLERQ, communication, information, and analysis are all streamlined on one platform, making it a game-changer for law firms seeking powerful commercial processes. Say goodbye to scattered Excel files and embrace the efficiency of KLERQ for seamless submissions and successful outcomes.

Ready to Make the Change?

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey with KLERQ? Reach out to us today and see our platform in action. We love showing off KLERQ and how it works!

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